this is your official invitation to join us for an incredibly powerful monthly breath-work sessions. 

You came here to breathe & claim your power in this world.

Breathwork helps you feel, express, and release the stress and pressure of life in a safe way. That way you can fill that space up, with your magic. 

Learn how to breath with me.


Breathe work has transformed the way I feel in my body and the way I show up in my business and life. To breathe is to live. And to use our breath as medicine to clear and manifest is one of the most powerful tools. 

This is a 90 minute session. The first part is getting you familiar with what we will be doing, then an hour of guided breath work and then sharing as a group. 

Join Elizabeth Faye, certified Somatic Release Practitioner & Life/Business Coach for a beautiful evening of release through the breath. 



Let your voice be heard. Throughout the breath work session you may feel like expressing through sound. Any and all sounds are welcome.


You do not have to have any background or experience in breath work! Breathing is your natural state and I will guide you through it all. You have your foot on the gas petal. 


Feel your body. Throughout the breath work session you may feel like expressing through moving or shaking. Trust your body, it knows what it needs. 


At the end of our session we will sit in the feeling of what we want to bring into our body and through the breath you will be able to embody the feelings you desire. This is a powerful experience. 


and begin to glow from the inside out. 


Learn how to breathe with me. Watch the video!

Meet Your Guides


Elizabeth & Derek are the faces behind Glow Breath-work. Breath work has totally changed both of our lives and healed our bodies & relationships & allowed us to manifest and create an aligned life. We will be here guiding you through your experience. 

Derek & Elizabeth use this work personally, host breath work at all of our retreats & inside of all of our business masterminds. 

Derek loves skiing, gardening, being a dad, cooking, listening to good music and traveling the world with Elizabeth & their son. 

Elizabeth loves travel, eating what Derek cooks, finding unique clothes and jewelry, getting massages, writing, anything creative and traveling the world with her family & clients at retreats.